Art for me has been a journey—an interesting and creative one which has taken me through the worlds of theatre and education, computers and fine art.


I initially worked as a scenic designer. My experience with computers and teaching Graphic Design has allowed me to become proficient with the Adobe programs, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator. Since my introduction to the computer it has been my desire to incorporate new techniques into my work. I use these programs to enhance my photographs and create images that serve as guidelines for my painting.


My most recent work has been cityscapes based on my own photography. Stage design has given me an appreciation of the timeworn and weather-beaten appearance one can observe in the urban landscape. It is these features, I believe, that give my subjects their character and interest. I rarely include people in my paintings and when I do they are usually incidental or background figures. Their presence is evident in the battered appearance of the environment and the details of “setting dressing.” In my painting I try to manifest the beauty of these objects and bring out the humanity.



Self Portrait at City Books
Oil on Canvas

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