The Gallery pages include a variety of work created over the years. Since I work in a wide range of mediums and styles, I’ve chosen to organize them by general categories rather than media.


The Recent works are just that—pieces created in the past two years. Digital works fall into two categories—Digital Paintings created in Photoshop and Digital Drawings created in Illustrator. The names are somewhat misleading. The Illustrator pieces are generated from photographs, while the Photoshop paintings have no visible evidence of photos.


The Black and White work (actually grayscale) includes several triptychs with political or social overtones. The Drawings include both sketches and finished pieces in a number of mediums. The Archive Gallery features older works and special (one-of-a-kind) projects.


I haven’t included prices but they are available upon request. Since Digital works are computer-generated they are available in a range of sizes, price accordingly. Works that have been sold are marked as such.


Occasionally works from the Galleries will be featured on the Home page so that I can post greater detail and background information.




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